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animanga update + Revenge Scenario CH04 + 2 sebciel + 1 yullen + 2 kamui/takasugi fics

Birthday update! \o/ *shot* Thank you for the virtual gift, amelia_seyroon ❤ Much love to stealingsoda & justmarshmallow for the greetings, too! :3 cristak, thank youuuu for the moeShouichi greeting picture ❤ I am finally 21! asdfghjkl I feel so old. Long post ahead, as usual XD

Star Driver - I don't know if it's because I was so excited for this ending and because I've made way too many predictions, but the ending felt really... hollow to me. I mean, it's not bad, but it's not surprising or complete to me. It needs an epilogue, badly. The colors and explosions everywhere was kind of nice; it reminds me somehow of Guren Lagann. The point King crowns near the end reminded me of Geass' World of C masks LOL Also, Wako is the new Alto. 8D Keito used to be so awesome in the first few episodes, but Head was right and she really was just a deluded lovestruck girl. I was disappoint by the lack of Sarina and VP :( I LOL'd at Head saying the KIRABOSHI! ☆ thing was childish XD It also needs more of Shingo's prettiness. I think the only thing that I really enjoyed in the finale is MOAR KANAKO, Head's smirky face and batshit-crazy voice (Ishida Akira's crazyvoice is so hot ^////^ It reminds me of his voice as Gaara ahahaha), the bros ending... in space! :p o<>∀・)\綺羅星☆!!/ I will miss this Sunday ritual... at least, until Ao no Exorcist airs in its timeslot! *shot shot*

② Seeing Level E & Hourou Musuko end just makes me sad :( I really enjoyed these two series so. T___T Level E has different genres though I would say that comedy/snark/character interaction is its greatest selling point. Hourou Musuko is more subtle, and while I usually avoid "slow"/"gentle"-paced stories, I think that it managed to portray its stories and characters really well. I recommend these two if you haven't watched these yet!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica - I kind of already expected that Homura's power is something like a time loop, but to actually see episode 10 and see Homura grow from being a timid girl to someone who steals weapons from gangsters and prepare bombs by herself to the cold and calculated Homura that we see for the rest of the episodes... It's super awesome. Also, this show should be renamed to GODDAMNIT KYUBEY the Series. LMAO

REBORN! - LOL BLACKHOLE. Hibarin's awesomesauce + Mukuro's appearance makes things a lot bearable, though as expected, Tsuna is going to add Enma to his harem LOL BLEACH & NARUTO are also progressing quite slowly. At least BLEACH has Tsukishima being hot ahahaha. I was looking forward to the Team 10 fight because I love Shikamaru, but it seems that they're going to focus on Chouji this time. Bakuman has a lot of downsides for me (useless love interests, for one), but there are also a lot of positive points, so I'm a bit torn orz Yagami Light v2.0 Nanamine is awesome though, so the most recent chapters have been enjoyable for me :3

enigma - OH MY GOD. I marathoned this manga and I just went AAARGH when I managed to reach the latest chapter (26). I need more. Mooooore. It's very intriguing, so far. There are some usual shounen cliches, but the plot is moving rather fast and efficient and mystery is always my favorite genre, so. ❤ I managed to guess some plot points correctly, but there are some that still manage to surprise me. I find the "powers" and "passwords" really hard to guess, so that's fun. LOL I think the only thing that would turn me off this manga is if the Big Bad happens to be the protagonist's missing father. That would be... so overdone. @___@ or rather, I'm rooting for his childhood friend to be the enemy LOL

Kuroko no Basket - is now at chapter 110, even though the scanlated ones are only at 60ish. As of 110, 4 Generation of Miracles have been introduced already, and all of their names/'abilities' have been revealed. Miracle #4 (lol) is introduced alongisde Kagami's ex-BFF so that should make for good tension ahaha. Kuroko's irritated face (!) has also been shown already LOL The results of the character popularity poll is mostly similar to my own favorite characters list, which makes me very happy XD Kuroko is currently my most favorite WSJ protagonist, so it was great that he's number one at his manga's poll XD #2 is Midorima the dorky tsundere and #4 is Kise ORE NO HEART ❤ As of ch110, I am still shipping Midorima/Kise/Kuroko/Taiga/Aomine OT5 ahahaha. I don't like Aomine, but since he stalked (lol) Kuroko in the hot springs... This manga needs to be more popular T____T While Slam Dunk shall always be my favorite basketball manga, Kuroko no Basket is a close second ❤

Hokenshitsu no Shinigami - is now at chapter 74, but the scans are only at 35?36? D: This is even harder to understand in Chinese/Japanese than Kuroko no Basket, since the manga relies a lot on the dialogue. From what I can see from the RAWs, it's starting to move away from its episodic Monster of the Week thing and moving towards longer plots. So I expect it will be like Reborn!, somehow. Moving from gag comedy slice-of-life action-thingy to more srsbsns action. I really adore the characters though (I have nobody I dislike in this manga! Yay!) :3 I love Fuji, because he's such a slacker ❤ Ashitaba reminds me somewhat of Mikado and Tsuna... minus the powers LOL This manga also needs more love T_____T

DURARARA!! vol9 - I wanted to post about this for so long, but since the translations aren't yet complete, I was holding myself back. Apparently my self-control is only up to this much, because I'm posting anyway ahahaha. Highlight for SPOILERS.

When I first started DRRR!!, Shizuo/Izaya, Shinra/Celty, Mikado/Kida are my top OTPs. However, after spoilering myself so hard on vol9, my new OTP is now Izaya/Shinra. I'm sorry, Shizuo/Izaya, but, but, but. Izaya/Shinra is just so OTP it huuuuuurts. Shinra is the person that Izaya considers beyond the limits/categories of humanity. Revenge for Shinra is the reason why Izaya is an information broker. Shinra is the reason why Izaya is using Nakura as his trollname. Shinra is Izaya's only friend. Shinra makes Izaya reconsider his plans of wrecking Ikebukuro. Seeing Shinra stabbed is the first and only(?) incident that causes Izaya to panic. Izaya doesn't want Shinra to tell anybody the truth about the stabbing, because Izaya doesn't want his enemies/anybody knowing that Shinra is friends with/protected someone like him. Also, Izaya is totally yandere for Shinra. OTPPPPP. ❤ Also, A/B/linen man/Earthworm/Amphisbaena is totally not who/what you're expecting. :D unless you know the spoilers, in which case, lol.

Kimi to Boku - is getting an anime this year! :D :D :D I've skimmed the RAWs (which are now at chapter 50?) but I understood basically nothing LOL The scanlations are at chapter ~16, so that's still a long way to go :( From what I understood, there's some love interest(s) being introduced, which makes me a bit sad, since I love Kimi to Boku's characters interactions already ;w; it was cute enough as slice-of-life + lulziness! >__< I don't ship much with this manga because their dynamics are already perfect ;__; In any case, love interest or not, this is still a wonderful manga, so if anyone isn't reading this yet, go ooooon. Read it! :D :D :D

+C Sword and Cornett - just when I think that I can't ship Kiliko and Orcelito even more, the manga has to go and prove me wrong LOL chapter 30 has Kiliko comforting (?)/talking to Orcelito about the plague (?)... then Kiliko leans in to whisper to Orcelito's neck ear, puts a hand beside(?)/behind(?) Orcelito... while Orcelito is in bed. ...there's really no such thing as personal space for them LOLOLOL the Hokulea gets more focus too, as well as the flashbacks regarding the Fleet Records. Also, if any of you are still heartbroken over Linna's death... go check the RAWs :))

Are You Alice? - I am still confused even though there are 16? chapters released already LOL There are a lot of things that have been cleaned up though, which is great XD Also, seeing Alice (a guy) crossdress is hilarious. It fits him very well LOLOLOL ...also, the Queen of Hearts is a guy, right? I am confused by his looks, since he looks so pretty as the blood-red yangire Queen! *________* I also didn't expect the reveal about Mad Hatter being the "Sensei". HMMM.

Kuroshitsuji - not much has happened, but who cares when there's the fabulous entrance of GRELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ❤❤❤

Vassalord - HOLY SHIT THE SCENE AT THE OPERA. HOLY SHIIIIT. asdfghjkl this is the way to be hot without being a full-blown yaoi ahahaha.

Shiki - whoa, chapter 39 killed a lot of people. Megumi, Toru and Ritsu are all dead now ;w; IT'S ABOUT TIME for Megumi, but I'm a bit sad about Toru and Ritsu dying. It happened offscreen too! ;__; also, I end up hating Seishin in all Shiki adaptations LMAO I am excited about the new villagers introduced in the recent chapters though --- one of them is a yangire who fanboys Toshio, after all. LOL Seeing Toshio go, 'well, all my intel are thanks to Natsuno', in his mind makes me squee a bit for my OTP hahaha.

15 meisetsu rugby - is, to my knowledge, the only rugby manga? There's definitely some setbacks - there are 15 players in one team so the character focus is definitely skewed :( the art is really, really, really, really pretty though so that more than makes up for it LOL the two main characters have a really huge amount of UST too, which makes me wonder if the work is really not a BL manga in disguise! there's too much blushing and one-on-one practices and hand-holding ^//////^

Kurogane no Linebarrels - I was initially not going to watch this, but once I've read one summary as "Lelouch and Aizen take over the world", I was instantly sold LOL that said, the protagonist of Linebarrels has definitely entered my list of Most Hated Characters orz I think it's a huge negative point for a series to have a protagonist that any viewer would want to strangle orz It's a good way to show what would happen if power comes suddenly to an Ordinary (Immature) High School Student and damn, it was painful and annoying to watch/read. Thankfully the story moves forward once they focus less on him and on the other characters 8D The anime is finished but the manga is still ongoing (?) and the two's stories have differences. As always, I like the manga more LOL

JUDGE - I think the friendly gay guy is the culprit LOL I don't think he's the culprit because he's gay; I think he's the culprit because he's too happy-happy-smiley-face. And I also think he's lying about saying that his "sin" is lust/that he's gay. He probably has a much, much, much bigger "sin". I'm inclined to think that if not him, it's a girl who's a culprit, but that's because I've read the mangaka's previous work: Rabbit Doubt. I also think that Megane Guy is going to end up as the Aloof Ally (who appears to be the enemy/suspicious at first).

Zennou no Noa - by Ono Youichirou. Scanlated by Easy Going Scans. Art is good, characters are great, story is A+++. Reminds me somewhat of Code Geass and Death Note. Has terrorists, amnesiac 'kids', bombs, geniuses. definitely code geass
Zetsuen no Tempest by Kyou Shirodaira. Scanlated by imangascans. Art is really good. Story is fantasy/mystery. Sorcerers, strong female character, childhood friends, murder mystery. ❤
zion by Kayase Shiki. Scanlated by Storm in Heaven. I am a huge fan of Kayase Shiki's work and art, so the art gets A+++++ ❤ The characters are very lovable too, so that's more plus points. I am still a bit confused over the ending so I'm thinking of re-reading this 8D Fantasy and drama. The story is about "Judges" who can manipulate seeds (that become trees) and can turn harmful cities back to forests/nature. Really interesting. And again, the art is reallllllly pretty. ❤

I've been apparently living under a rock, since I only knew now that Togainu no Chi's scripts for Shiki/Akira (= myOTP \o/ \o/ \o/) are finished! I'm kind of ignoring the anime's existence, so to see those scripts of awesomeness makes me happy. I just realized (again) how much I love that pairing, no matter how dysfunctional they are.

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi's OVA is out! I checked ANN for the voice actors and holy fucking shit. The uke. Is voiced. By Hibari Kyoya. The deep-voiced, violent, super seme (lol) Hibarin is voicing a flaily, hyper (lol) uke. AHAHAHAHA *dies* And to think that I'll be hearing that for one season. I AM NOT READY FOR THIS. *dies again* Also! Hiroshi Kamiya is voicing a character who is happy-happy/all-smiles/amiable, but you should actually be very scared of (lol Izaya).

⑨ Also, for some reason, I didn't notice that [switch]'s OVA 2 and live action show have both been released for quite some time already. It gave me a good excuse to re-read the 13-volume manga though 8D My heart still goes asdfghjkl at Kai and Hal, especially at the last few pages ;___; but at least it's a happy ending! unlike the ending of xxxHOLIC Watching OVA2 gives me Code Geass flashbacks and irony since the two leads are Lelouch (Kai) and Suzaku (Hal) 8D Only this time, Kai/Lelouch is using a light moemoe voice and Hal/Suzaku is using his deep 'I'm being a jerkass' voice LOL

There are quite a number of new tv shows lately! *______* So far, I've been enjoying Endgame (a Russian chessmaster who works as a detective-of-sorts), Body of Proof (genderflipped version of House... with more dead bodies LOL) & Breakout Kings (prisoners who work with police to catch other prisoners... something like White Collar but with a lot less Ho Yay). Hawaii Five-0 isn't exactly new, but I just haven't been online to gush about it yet LOL Regarding the new shows, I haven't watched The Killing, Borgias & Camelot yet, so no comments for those shows for now ^__~

Gossip Girl's hiatus is going to end soon, and I am simultaneously excitd and terrified LOL I haven't been watching it for quite some time, but, but. While I wouldn't pair up Dan and Blair, based on the books (Blair/Serena yuri OTP ftw lol), their build-up is very cute this season. Sooo, I can't wait for that next episode. On the other hand, the show doesn't have a good track record when it comes to its plot (and I've seen some spoilers), so I'm D: D: D: at seeing those.

I'm watching Colbert Report and The Daily Show regularly and damn Colbert is hot. The shows are funny and yet they are a sharp reminder of how politics is shitty no matter which part of the globe you're at 8D


The Revenge Scenario [@ LJ] [@] [chapter 04 - memories of nobody]
summary. After learning that the popular singer Sasuke only sees him as a servant and not a boyfriend, Naruto vows revenge. And what better way than to join Sasuke's enemy's agency and surpass Sasuke's fame? [AU] [SasuNaru, ItaNaru, GaaNeji, NejiNaru, GaaNaru, KakaIru, JiraTsu, NejiHina, others (for the surprise element haha)]

Infirmary [d.gray-man - kanda/allen - AU] [original post] []
summary. They meet each other in the infirmary way too often for their liking.

cycle [kuroshitsuji - sebastian/ciel - anime-manga-AU mix] [original post] []
summary. He isn't the first demon to be enslaved by a human in exchange for a soul, but he's the first one to serve a young, pitiful child.

one week charade [kuroshitsuji - sebastian/ciel - AU] [original post] []
summary. Ciel, a genius prodigy, meets the rumored Sebastian who agrees to anyone who wants to date him for a week. [kouhai!Ciel + senpai!Sebastian + Seven Days-inspired magical school AU with a twist! LOL]

a working partnership [gintama - kamui/takasugi/kamui - mangaverse, post-310/311] []
summary. Kamui has no idea how this works, now that he actually thinks about it. He's pretty sure he should start calling him 'Takasugi' or 'Shinsuke', instead of 'Earth Brawler-san'.

••• I was inspired by the fact that Deadman Wonderland is airing soon, plus the fact that a lot of my OTPs are violent Foe Yay enemies/antagonistic... I am starting a multifandom AU. Much like my World End AU, these series of fics will take place in the same universe and in similar timelines. I'll be calling it Deadman AU since I am not very creative when it comes to titles LOL Titles of the fics in this AU will go like this: a dead man's ______. I'll post the 'header entry' with all the other details (e.g. timeline, setting, etc) in a few days. I'm already halfway through writing the fics for +C Sword and Cornett [kiliko/orcelito], Star Driver [head/sugata, head/everyone], Kuroshitsuji [sebastian/ciel], KHR [byakuran/shouichi].

a dead man's carnage [gintama - kamui/takasugi/kamui, kamui/abuto - deadman AU] []
summary. Year 2998 to 3000. Kamui doesn't really know Takasugi Shinsuke aside from the meager information he bought regarding the man—but Kamui is sure that loitering around prison cells is uncharacteristic of him.
Tags: d.gray-man: kanda/allen, fanfic, fangirling rl etc, gintama: takasugi/kamui, kuroshitsuji: sebastian/ciel, multifandom au: deadman sector, naruto: others, naruto: sasuke/naruto
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