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[announcement] - HIATUS

Short version - I'll be on indefinite hiatus (posting / commenting / writing) + internet abstinence. Well, technically, I am already on hiatus ever since a long time ago, but. Um. I guess I forget to post a lot of things LOL Earliest estimate of my return (pfft) is probably on August.

By the way, I also forgot to post that I have twitter (@sofuckingmoe) & tumblr (athina39)

LONGER version -

I've been debating with myself whether to post this or not, but I figured that it shouldn't be so bad to post an explanation of the shenanigans happening in my life at the moment.

I don't think I've posted about this in any of my blogs, but ever since the latter half of 2010 (starting July, iirc), I've been suffering from Menorrhagia. It's a bit troublesome, but it's not end-of-the-world-terrible; I've been managing by drinking iron tablets and other meds. That definitely helped keep me away from the internets, since I always feel weak and fatigued due to the blood loss.

My younger sister continues the medical tragedy in our family with her Grave's disease. The disease itself has currently, no available cure. When I went back home last December, we were planning to do some surgery to at least maintain some of the side-effects/symptoms, but well. Some things didn't go as planned so the surgery has been indefinitely postponed. Right now, her mood swings are getting worse, which makes her unbearable to everyone else.

And her mood swings is the major factor why our other relatives don't want to take her in their care / don't want to be her legal guardian.

...she needs a legal guardian because she's still a minor, our father already left and our mom has just recently had her second stroke. Outlook isn't good and they're not expecting her to pull through; our relatives have asked me to come home and arrange the papers so that I'll assume full responsibility of my sister and our family's debts and other responsibilities in the event that my mom doesn't recover.

So yes, to summarize: I'll be super busy ---> hiatus.

- the links are there for the curious and because I'm too lazy to type the description of the diseases @__@
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