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★ Hi, hi! ♥ Welcome to my livejournal~
★ It's still undergoing some major rearrangement and construction, so please look forward to a more organized LJ and more fanworks from me in the future! :]
more info on me, site contents, etc etc ♥Collapse )
★ lame intro post is lame orz ★


[announcement] - HIATUS

Short version - I'll be on indefinite hiatus (posting / commenting / writing) + internet abstinence. Well, technically, I am already on hiatus ever since a long time ago, but. Um. I guess I forget to post a lot of things LOL Earliest estimate of my return (pfft) is probably on August.

By the way, I also forgot to post that I have twitter (@sofuckingmoe) & tumblr (athina39)

LONGER version - aka tl;dr + TMI pfftCollapse )
So yes, to summarize: I'll be super busy ---> hiatus.

- the links are there for the curious and because I'm too lazy to type the description of the diseases @__@

[selling] books & manga

Hi guys! It's been a really hectic few months so I haven't been able to post / write / stalk my flist ;___;

Anyway, I'll be moving to a new (and much smaller pffft) place and in an attempt to lessen the amount of boxes that I have to move, I'm selling a few of my books! :] If you're in Singapore and if you're interested in buying these secondhand books/manga, let me know asap! :D Prices are negotiable & are in SGD/Singapore Dollars.

MANGA - [ENGLISH] - Saiyuki RELOAD, [switch], Togainu no ChiCollapse )
MANGA - [CHINESE] - NarutoCollapse )
A Series of Unfortunate EventsCollapse )
Gossip Girl - COMPLETECollapse )
Books by Agatha ChristieCollapse )
Books by Sir Arthur Conan DoyleCollapse )
Birthday update! \o/ *shot* Thank you for the virtual gift, amelia_seyroon ❤ Much love to stealingsoda & justmarshmallow for the greetings, too! :3 cristak, thank youuuu for the moeShouichi greeting picture ❤ I am finally 21! asdfghjkl I feel so old. Long post ahead, as usual XD

anime endings: Star Driver, Level E, Hourou Musuko, Madoka MagicaCollapse )
manga: WSJ: KHR, Bleach, Naruto, BakumanCollapse )
manga: WSJ: Kuroko no Basket, enigma, Hokenshitsu no ShinigamiCollapse )
major spoilers: DURARARA!! vol9 light novel - the Izayaaaa volumeCollapse ) Also, A/B/linen man/Earthworm/Amphisbaena is totally not who/what you're expecting. :D unless you know the spoilers, in which case, lol.

manga: Kimi to Boku, +C Sword and Cornett, Are You Alice?, Kuroshitsuji, Vassalord, Shiki, 15 meisetsu rugby, Kurogane no Linebarrels, JUDGECollapse )
more manga recs: Zennou no Noa, Zetsuen no Tempest, zionCollapse )
OVAs/games: Togainu no Chi, Sekaiichi no Hatsukoi, [switch]Collapse )
tv showsCollapse )


The Revenge Scenario [@ LJ] [@ ff.net] [chapter 04 - memories of nobody]
summary. After learning that the popular singer Sasuke only sees him as a servant and not a boyfriend, Naruto vows revenge. And what better way than to join Sasuke's enemy's agency and surpass Sasuke's fame? [AU] [SasuNaru, ItaNaru, GaaNeji, NejiNaru, GaaNaru, KakaIru, JiraTsu, NejiHina, others (for the surprise element haha)]

reposted fics: 1 kanda/allen HS AU + 1 seb→ciel + 1 seb/ciel magic school AUCollapse )

a working partnership [gintama - kamui/takasugi/kamui - mangaverse, post-310/311] [@ff.net]
summary. Kamui has no idea how this works, now that he actually thinks about it. He's pretty sure he should start calling him 'Takasugi' or 'Shinsuke', instead of 'Earth Brawler-san'.

••• deadman AU - explanation/notesCollapse )
a dead man's carnage [gintama - kamui/takasugi/kamui, kamui/abuto - deadman AU] [@ff.net]
summary. Year 2998 to 3000. Kamui doesn't really know Takasugi Shinsuke aside from the meager information he bought regarding the man—but Kamui is sure that loitering around prison cells is uncharacteristic of him.

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