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★ Hi, hi! ♥ Welcome to my livejournal~
★ It's still undergoing some major rearrangement and construction, so please look forward to a more organized LJ and more fanworks from me in the future! :]

Who: Seto's Darkness (from ff.netgeocitiesfacebook), shinigami39 (from LJIJ), invidia39 (from mIRC)

What: Final-year university student, aspiring researcher, fanfic writer, horrible singer, even-more-horrible artist, yaoi supporter, sometimes-gamer, always-TV-addict, anime-worshipper, manga-fan, chocolate-and-ice-cream-maniac, OC-yet-procrastinator, pen-postcard-post-its-collector, alien-species fangirl ♥

When: born on April 3, 1990; started watching animes @ 2000; started fic-writing @ ~2003?; started Naruto fandom (and the rest of my fangirling) @ 2006
Where: from Philippines; currently residing in Singapore ^^; roaming the internetz like whoa 8D

Why: because I need something to do aside from doing my exams and projects and thesis and backstabbing people socializing with friends XD, because some shows are too awesome and are brimming with plot possibilties, because some pairings are so intriguing and fucking hot, and exercising creativity is fun~

How: This journal is mostly NOT friends-only. I will only f-lock: mp3 sharing links, other multimedia sharing links and NC-17 fics ^^ (The NC-17 fics are non-existent at the moment, but I promised myself to try writing some LOL). I friend back everyone who adds me, unless it's an obvious troll :) Permission to add me isn't necessary, but it would be nice to know how you found out about me? (and to make sure you're not one of my homophobic acquaintances OTL) Reviewing/commenting is very very appreciated, but not compulsory or anything XD;; the stats don't lie anyhow LOLjk We don't have to agree on every single fandom/pairing we like, so, let's just happily enjoy the things we like and ignore the things we don't like? AHAHA. that statement sounded weird. In short, no wanking/asshattery/unpleasantness plz ♥

Contact: PM me using's PM feature or use the contact info found in my contact post in LJ (friendslocked, sorry)
Schedule: Anime/Manga/TV Show reactions-discussions-spazzing every Monday + Weekly Fanfic Update every Saturday + mp3 sharing every... whenever I find the time XD
Table of Contents: 45% fics + 45% fangirling over animes/mangas/TV shows + 10% RL stuff = 100% awesomeness ♥ lj contents are arranged by tags~

☆ ☆ ☆ A whole list of my fanworks is archived here, arranged in table-form ^^; ☆ ☆ ☆
♪ For NARUTO fanworks - be it SasuNaru oneshots, SasuNaru multiparters, or other pairings, please go to the TABLE OF CONTENTS: PART ONE.
♪ For other fandoms (DGM, Beyblade, Prince of Tennis, YGO, FMA, Bleach, Gundam00, Code Geass, and more to come), please go to the TABLE OF CONTENTS: PART TWO.

☆ ☆ A list of animes/mangas/pairings I squee over :D ☆ ☆
☆ A list of quotes that make me LOL ☆

★ WELCOME: readers, reviewers, lurkers, fellow fangirls, fanboys, open-minded RL friends, BL-supporters, anime fans, manga addicts
★ ★ NOT WELCOME: trolls, flamers (unless you're coherent, yes?), homophobes, my parents LOL, closed-minded people, and asshats :p

★ ★ ★ If you can handle pure boy-boy love/yaoi/shounen-ai/slash/BL however you want to call it, random fangirl spazz moments, and some level of profanity, and lots of emoticons, then... I think we'll get along really well~! I promise I won't sell your soul to hot demons like Sebastian, and I won't bite you to death like Hibari-san would, and I won't be bitchy like Tieria LOL ★ ★ ★

★ lame intro post is lame orz ★

Tags: table of contents
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