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xxxHOLIC ends! + star driver stuff



The only thing that can cure me is to have Legal Drug and CLOVER come out of their hiatus and be continued. Legal Drug, because the main duo's relationship is even more canon than DouWata; CLOVER, because omg (CLOVER also has the ~married couple Gingetsu/Ran + CLOVER can be the ~future of xxxHOLIC. or something.)

In short, brb nursing my broken heart. /wrists


On a more cheerful note, Animage & PASH scans are out for Star Driver! And my OTP is there! LOL I'm still a bit ZOMGWTFBBQ at episode 18, buuuut. I have hopes for the next couple of episodes (episode 22? will have Sugata being a moe megane boy!). Plus, Animage has naked Head and naked Sugata LOLOLOLOL PASH, on the other hand, has Head painting Sugata being all pretty. BE STILL, MY HEART.

moar scans-related spoilersCollapse )

[fic] the revenge scenario - chapter 4

Original Post Date - Feb 02, 2011.

Title. The Revenge Scenario [chapters 1-3 @ ff.net]
Summary. After learning that the popular singer Sasuke only sees him as a servant and not a boyfriend, Naruto vows revenge. And what better way than to join Sasuke's enemy's agency and surpass Sasuke's fame? [AU] [SasuNaru, ItaNaru, GaaNeji, NejiNaru, GaaNaru, KakaIru, Jiraiya/Tsunade, NejiHina (but only if you want to read it that way), others (for the surprise element haha)]

Word Count: 8340 words
Notes: As I mentioned in the previous chapter, this one is going to be long. There are also a lot of flashbacks/backstories and since I didn't want to use chunks of italicized text, hopefully the 'headings' I included made the flashbacks obvious enough XD Also, there's been quite a number of reviews/PMs that asked me if they were imagining Itachi's interest in Sasuke. Well, this chapter should make the answer clear! LOL Comments, questions, criticism, feedback are all welcome! :D
Revenge Scenario - SCENE 04Collapse )
author. Seto's Darkness, shinigami39
update notes. Cross-posted everywhere! :O Comments are much appreciated ♥


Stolen Submission - chapter 2 [of 8]
summary. His dream to become Rokudaime was cruelly snatched away by his trusted friend, Sakura-chan. That was the reason why, when Sasuke came and said, "Come to Sound with me…", he didn't resist. [SasuNaru]

He's My Girl - chapter 4 [of 6]
summary. She becomes the dream girl during the day. At night, she becomes the most hated boy. She is… Uzumaki Naruto. [SasuNaru][AU]

The Revenge Scenario - chapter 3 [of 12?]
summary. After learning that the popular singer Sasuke only sees him as a servant and not a boyfriend, Naruto vows revenge. And what better way than to join Sasuke's enemy's agency and surpass Sasuke's fame? [SasuNaru, ItaNaru, GaaNeji, NejiNaru, GaaNaru, KakaIru, others] [AU]


Rondo of Betrayal - chapter 1 [of 10?]

summary. Sasuke knows he's obsessed to protect his sickly older brother; he knows Sakura and Naruto disapprove of it. But he doesn't know that the Itachi he protects is the same Itachi who will kill everyone he holds dear. [AU ItaSasu; SasuNaru, SasuSaku, others]
contents. mystery / romance / crime / drama / tragedy --- M / Mature / R --- yaoi, shounen-ai, het, shoujo-ai pairings/hints.
notes. AU story, will have mind-screw later on :D The story's main pairing is Itachi/Sasuke, but there'll definitely be a lot of focus on other characters/pairings too. Rather than a 'ItaSasu fic', this is a 'fic that has ItaSasu in it', if that makes sense LOL The summary spoils the Itachi plot-twist, but I hope that there's still some stuff here that you'd find interesting XD


Business Arrangement - oneshot
summary. As part of their routine, Ciel Phantomhive—the youngest leader of the country's secret police force—meets with Sebastian Michaelis—leader of the country's largest rebel mafia group—to discuss business and maybe have breakfast after. [Sebastian/Ciel, SebCiel AU]
contents. crime / general / romance --- T / Teens / PG-13 --- shounen-ai. Part of my multifandom mafia/police AU.
So, um. Hi everyone! ^^; Hope you had an awesome New Year! This post is going to be a bit long, since I'll be doing my 2010 round-up (Fall 2010), followed by my new season impression (Winter 2010-2011) + next season (Spring 2011) comments :3 I apologize if I haven't replied/contacted/greeted you guys T___T I haven't been online for a very long time T__T

»»» First off, I'd just like to say that 2010 had been a year filled with triumph for my crack!OTPs 8D My crack -turned not-so-crack- OTPs, let me show you them :3

Fairy Tail (Gray/Loke) + Bleach (Aizen/Ichigo) + Shiki (Toshio/Natsuno) + Digimon Xros Wars (Kiriha/Taiki) + Star Driver (Head/Sugata)Collapse )

my most favorite crack!OTP: Gintama (Takasugi/Kamui, aka Team CrazyFace)Collapse )

»»» FALL 2010
STAR DRIVER -- Shiki, Kuragehime -- PSG, Bakuman, Togainu, everything else LOLCollapse )

»»» WINTER 2010
Currently following Level E, Hourou Musuko, Cardfight!!Vanguard & BeelzebubCollapse )
Sort-of following everything else? More importantly Madoka Magica, Yumekui Merry & FRACTALE. And others. LOLCollapse )
Looking forward to some movies/OVAs like .hack, Kuragehime, Goulart Knights, Macross Frontier, Bleach, Inazuma Eleven... AND SOUKYUU NO FAFNER MOVIE OMG OMG OMGCollapse )

»»» SPRING 2011
...the chart is out rather early, so I can plan the shows I want to watch rather early too! XD
Definitely following: GINTAMA • Sekaiichi Hatsukoi • Ao no Exorcist • Deadman Wonderland • MoshidoraCollapse )
Following but with less priority: Sket Dance • [C] • Hidan no Aria • Maria Holic S2 • Showa Monogatari • NichijouCollapse )
Following with very low priority: Toriko • Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko • Tono to Issho S2 • STEINS;GATE • YGO ZEXAL • Hyouge Mono • Appleseed XIIICollapse )
MOVIES & OVAs - too many to list, but more importantly: xxxHOLIC OVA!Collapse )

»»» Latest Manga Chapters
Bleach & Naruto & DGM & KHR & Soul Eater & Kuroshitsuji latest chapter(s)Collapse )

Fics mass update coming up soon!

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